Camera and Grip:

Our Camera department for Cinematography is based in London’s vibrant Hoxton complete with three state of the art test bays all with air con, sonos, great coffee, great kit and a super techy team on hand to ensure your kit is prepped to perfection.

Alexa Mini, Alexa SXT, Red Weapon-Helium 8k, Sony F55, Master prime, Ultra Prime, Superspeeds, Cooke, Summicron plus a full range of Anamorphic and Zooms.

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Lighting and Generators:

Our lighting department for Cinematography is based just north of our Hoxton branch in Edmonton – North London. We needed larger premises to house all of this kit and to park the trucks and generators to ship it all about.

We like toys, we like the latest kit and this is what sits on our shelves (or hopefully not as it will be out working!)

Skypanel S30 - S60 - S120 - S360, liteMat, LiteTile, LiteRibbon, K5600 Alpha & Joker, Space Force, M Series, Kino Select, Cineo, Quasar, Cintenna Wireless DMX, Powerlock & Vanten cabling and Distribution.

Our generator fleet is more mobile than most, starting at Honda Portables, perfectly formed 35kw Sprinter sets, 4x4 65kw Canter, 60-100 & 160kw carriers all sprayed in jet black with those lovely blue, pink and yellow dots.

We have a great following from lighting crew and we are avid supporters of Lightsource, try and spot a Pixi tech on-set with his branded Pixi socks, gloves and funky T shirts.

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