Cineo Match Head Bi colour

Cineo Match Head - Image 1.jpg

(Please note this post is not real! It was an April Fools joke and we thought we would leave it up as its still worth a read!)

Well I guess it had to happen, Cineo, who brought us the fantastic matchbox and matchstix led lights have gone one better and a lot smaller with the all new Matchheads Bi colour LED point lights. These are going to cause us some problems with our barcoding system as they are smaller than the bar code stickers, in fact they are so small I can fit about 20 in the palm of my hand.

Cineo Match Head - Image 2.jpg

Based on a very high-powered Cree Led diode the Matchheads offer a never before seen flexibility in LED lighting, totally wireless, bi colour and dimmable from 100 – 0% these things are amazing. The size and flexibility of the Match heads truly provides some never before seen possibilities as far as lighting is concerned. Imagine being able to place a single LED anywhere you want, from the dashboard of a car to up your nose, even throw a hand full in the air to create a cosmic star effect, literally if you can think of somewhere you fancy sticking them then you can.

Cineo Match Head - Image 4.jpg

So how on earth have Cineo achieved this? And how have they squeezed everything into a package not much larger than an LED itself?

Well for a start they don’t use batteries, they use a tiny capacitor instead with a 30 min charge giving you 15 mins of full power and wifi communication. Also being so small Cineo have not bothered to include any mounting hardware suggesting the use of blu tac or similar to secure them as you see fit (I guess we had better start to stock blue tack now)

The included charger is able to charge up to 20 Matchheads at one time but won’t power them directly.

Cineo Match Head - Image 5.jpg

Each Matchhead can be assigned one of 4 channels making it possible to flick between 4 different “sets” of Matchheads to create a “twinkling effect” or to dim a whole set or all sets simultaneously and yes you guessed it everything is controlled via your smart phone.

Being a very small source of light, they produce quite a hard light but that can be softened using the optional “Soft Balls” a small almost ping pong like ball that the Matchhead can be fitted inside, creating a similar (but much smaller) effect to a Profoto globe or a china ball.

Now I’ve not tested them for an actual game of ping pong but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work.

Cineo “Soft Ball” diffuser.

Cineo “Soft Ball” diffuser.

I must admit I’m itching to see what you guys use them for, whatever it is its going to be fun that’s a certainty. As far as my BCR (Brucie coolness rating) is concerned they are an unprecedented 20 out of 10, purely for the name and the name of the diffuser and the fact that we have never ever seen anything like them before.

We will hire them out in a kit of 20 including the charger but I believe the Soft balls will be a little extra (TBC) but you don’t need speed rings so that’s a saving.

So, if you want to get your hands on our soft balls give us a call and be the first to play with them, we can’t wait.



David & George