Servicevision Scorpio LF Anamorphics

So, having just got over our spider (Hudson) infestation here under the arches, we now have to contend with a whole bunch of scorpions! (I just discovered that scorpions are in actual fact arachnids too so technically a scorpion is a spider!)

Scorpios for Insta.jpg

You will be pleased to know that I didn’t have a pet scorpion whilst I was in Australia so I don’t have any scary pics of my own to share this time but rest assured I will find something for you before this blog is done if i can…..

But before I bore you with all the fun stuff that I just found out about scorpions I should tell you a little about these new lenses.

So, the Scorpiolens Large Format Anamorphic 2x lenses as the name indicates are a set of Anamorphic lenses that cover full frame large format and the x2 bit refers to the 2 times squeeze the lenses give. I’ve been through the Anamorphic theory before so won’t bore you with that again but its worth noting that these give 2 times squeeze and many other anamorphic lens sets give less squeeze!

They are really light weight and small in size meaning they can be handled like a spherical lens and use standard size filters and matte boxes which makes it much easier to handle plus each lens in the system has the same size front element (95mmj 3.7inch) making it a dream to swap over accessories during lens changes.

Nicely the Scorpiolens’s are easy to use too, no special tricks need to be used when filming, columns and corners are not a problem and neither is moving the camera whilst focusing.

 Often with anamorphics they can cause a “fat face” effect when close focusing on a subject but the scorpios behave more like a spherical lens with no change of compression even with close focusing, this is a really cool advantage.

 The high-quality image is not affected even at higher aperture levels so no need to stop down for extra illumination and so on.

 Oh, and they are priced like a spherical lens not like an anamorphic, but all that means is that they cost us an arm and a leg not 2 arms and 2 legs.

 They look like a lovely bit of kit to my eye, well-engineered and designed with a robust feel.

 At present the range consists of 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm and they all have a T2.2 stop except the 150mm which is T2.8

 But to save the best until last, they are all full frame lenses! So, work well on the Venice, Red Monstro and more as LF starts to drip feed into the camera stock.


Now back to the Scorpions for a sec, Scorpions as I said before are actually an arachnid or spider only worse, spiders don’t have big pincers or an upturned forward-facing poison tipped tail. This means that absolutely everyone hates them, so much so in fact that some species of scorpion have to practice parthenogenesis (asexual reproduction) and have children without even having a bit of “how’s your farther” Other than the Virgin Mary and my ex-wife this is not the normal way of doing things in my book, but I guess if you are as unpopular as a scorpion it’s the only option!!

Oh, and some species glow in the dark too, useful so you can see to stamp on them but make sure you have your finest slippers on!

Anyway, enough of that, our Scorpios are going to be much more popular than their creepy crawly name sakes are for sure. They will fit in well alongside our other anamorphic lenses and give you some more options especially if you are shooting large format.

They are certainly a cool set of lenses; they look and feel the part and being smaller and lighter than other anamorphics are going to be very popular. When I take the quality results they deliver into account then I have to give them a 9/10 BCR rating and I do like the name too.

Many thanks BB

steve knight