New Year

Well everyone welcome to 2019, a new year for us all and with it comes a whole bunch of new stuff from Pixipixel.

A new web site, a new arch (we now have more arches than McDonalds), a new warehouse (if it doesn’t get blown up by unidentified WW2 bombs), new staff and a heap of new kit

The new website should be up and running if you are reading this and I hope you agree with us that its rather fantastic, I can’t promise it will improve the blogging but perhaps next year for that eh.

We now have the missing arch here in Geffrye Street probably making us one of the longest hire houses in London, if nothing else and giving us all another couple of opportunities to bang our heads when we duck between them.

Staff wise we are growing in all departments from drivers to account handling to camera techs to finance people, and what a great looking bunch we are becoming, just check out the mug shots on the contacts us page….

Our Cinema lighting warehouse in Tottenham is proving to be too small for us so a new one that’s double the size is under construction just next door and should be up and running in the summer this year, that is if we don’t dig up any more WW2 bombs in the process, I believe we are up to 7 so far and the staff are getting used to evacuating to Ikea for the odd hour or two - good meatballs though..

Equipment wise well where to start, new lenses, flash kit, continuous, LED and so on, a few more new generator trucks, delivery vans etc, its just crazy just how much is going on here but it’s all good stuff and all needed as we continue to grow.

I’m sure I shall be blogging you senseless this year to keep you informed of things as they arrive but if you don’t hear from me it doesn’t mean we don’t have it so feel free to give us a bell whenever, I’m sure by now you know if its new, sexy and cool not to mention useful the we will be amongst the first it have it for you.

In the meantime, and just for something a little different I thought it would be fun to show you what happens when a few of our staff take some kit home for the weekend, just for fun.

year 2.jpg

This little film shot and directed by our wonderful moving image account handler Gabriel Stanger with the aid of Mike Henery and a few of the camera department guys, oh and yours truly as the prop maker, costume designer, fire starter and dubious actor was knocked out over one weekend with no budget and no particular purpose, but we are all rather proud of it as I always fancied myself as a bit of a Mad Max sort of dude, I’ve even got the Tina Turner hair lol. This was shot on our Red Monstro using our Zeiss Supreme lenses Hope you enjoy watching and get inspired to shoot more, create more, enjoy more and of course HIRE MORE this year

year 3.jpg

Many thanks

Brucie Blogger

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