Profoto Pro Tungsten Air

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This looks like it’s going to be one of my shorter blogs (don’t be too pleased about that ok)

Let me get straight to the point, we are now stocking the Profoto Pro Tungsten Air lights.

As the name may lead you to believe this is a tungsten light from Profoto. The Tungsten Air can run with either a 500w or a 1000 w globe but at present we will only be stocking the 1000 w bulbs because bigger is better eh.

It’s a 1k tungsten light and can be dimmed to 10%, requires no ballast (that’s because it’s a tungsten) and can run from a normal 13-amp power supply (with a jumper as it has a 16-amp lead). The beautiful warm light it produces actually gets warmer as you dim it down so it’s perfect for creating that interior light feel.

Nicely it runs silently even when its built-in 2 stage cooling fan is working.

So not a great deal to say about it really , yes it’s a Profoto so it’s well made with a robust metal housing and should stand up well to the rigors of the rental world, its light weight (2.7 kg) and due to the cooling fan the bulb should last up to 300 hrs of use (normally they give up after about 100 hrs so that’s good news, for us anyway).

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So why have we invested in the Pro Tungsten Air you may be thinking as we have stocked 1k tungsten lights for ever.

Well for two main reasons as far as I can see, firstly being Profoto the Tungsten Air will accept the majority of the vast range of Profoto light shapers and secondly because its Profoto and uses the same glass at Profoto flashes it produces the same quality of light that we have come to expect from them, and it’s all about the quality of light isn’t it.

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But one other thing makes the Tungsten Air very special indeed, the Air bit, that means the Tungsten Air is equipped with Profoto’s Air remote system.

Yes Air equipped! For a continuous light that doesn’t need to be synced with your shutter, yes really.

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For those of you who don’t know the Profoto Air system is a wireless trigger normally for flash lights but Profoto have added this function to the Tungsten Air heads and it allows for the light to be turned on or off and dimmed remotely by using a Pro air remote. This seems a little pointless to me but then when I think about how many remote controls I have already for the TV, Hifi, Firestick, heating, car doors and so on then why not. Why should the stills photographers get a remote and the film guys not? Ok so its not strictly necessary but it’s a nice touch.

One more remote can’t hurt can it?

One more remote can’t hurt can it?

My coolness rating is not as warm as it normally is for Profoto kit sitting at about 5 out of 10 but just like the Pro Tungsten Air it will get warmer as the dimmer is used (remotely of course)

Cheers Brucie Blogger

David & George